Children's Play Center - David Citadel hotel Jerusalem
Children's Play Center - David Citadel hotel Jerusalem


The David Citadel Hotel is proud to introduce it's new 100 square meter Children's Play Center, designed by interior designer Sarit Shani Chai.

Sarit, who specializes in designing children's rooms and play centers, incorporated iconic Jerusalem landmarks into the center's design – such as a corner stage which resembles the Jerusalem tunnels, a fruit and vegetable market, representing the Machane Yehuda market and a large Windmill, reminiscent of the classic structure located in Yemin Moshe.

The Children's Center also includes a miniature kitchen, living room and doll house as well as a TV and computer corner.

Opening hours all week:

14:00 - 19:00

During Holidays, summer vacation and selected dates the the play center will be open also from 10:00-13:00

* opening hours and dates are subject to changes and should be checked in advance