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Pesach-Style David Citadel Bounty

April 4, 2023

310g margarine
310g melted chocolate
250g eggs
280g sugar
85g cocoa powder

160ml non-dairy cream
160ml coconut milk
70g yolk
33g sugar
30g gelatin and 30g water (mix together and cool(
230g coconut butter

260g chocolate
330ml cream

Melt (bain-marie) the margarine and 70% bitter chocolate.
Whip the eggs and the sugar into a stable mass, pour into the chocolate, add the cocoa and gently mix until the cocoa is absorbed.
Bake in a rectangular tray or silicone molds suitable for chocolate bars. 160° for about 20 minutes.

Mix the yolks and the sugar in a bowl, boil milk in a pan, pour it into the yolks mix while stirring.
Sift the mixture back into the pan, add the gelatin and heat it to 80°.
Pour the mixture into something appropriate for a stick/hand blender, add the coconut butter and grind it into a smooth, homogenous mass. Then whip the cream into a soft mass and fold it in together with the anglaise.
Sprinkle the crémeux on the brownies and freeze. Afterwards, cut into bar-like shapes, prepare the ganache from boiling cream and bitter chocolate, and dip the bar using two toothpicks until it is completely covered with ganache. Decorate with roasted coconut.


Bon Appetit!

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