• A Culinary Journey with Kfir Misnikov

A Culinary Journey With Kfir Misnikov

April 4, 2023
Kfir grew up in Ariel and with a Persian mother who was always cooking and hosting, it just seemed natural to him that everything was connected to food.
He later studied all aspects of the profession, In Israel and overseas, opened the first branch of the very popular Zappa Club chain, ran his own meat restaurant and prior to coming to David Citadel, he was Chef of Topolopompo, the top Asian restaurant in Israel. He’s particularly enthusiastic about our hotel breakfast – freshly-baked pastries, a choice of select cheeses and crunch-fresh salads.
Kfir loves hosting guests, creating happiness through his food, and giving people a taste of Jerusalem while combining elements from other styles and nationalities.
He also enjoys coming out of the kitchen to mingle among his diners.
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