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The Best of Israel

Located at a pivotal point in Jerusalem, designed like a theater overlooking a stage of the Old City’s magical views, the luxury David Citadel Hotel offers its guests an Israeli-Jerusalem experience unlike any other.


An experience that combines the best of Israeli culture with the finest local cuisine; rich folklore with a delightful play area specially designed for children; running tours with Jerusalem’s most historic and famous sites and a stunning Night Spectacular show, telling the city’s 3,000-year-old story.


A meaningful multisensory experience in Jerusalem, with the best Israel has to offer!


Israeli Folk Dancing with Hila Mukdasi: A Diverse Social Circle

Folk dancing occupies an important place in popular Israeli folklore, from the days of the first pre-State immigrations.   The dances integrate elements from cultures all over the globe, and connect people of all types, ages and beliefs into one social circle, full of joy and energy.   We host Folk Dancing sessions on Thursday evenings, which are a real social and cultural festival!   Come and dance together!     For further details, contact the hotel concierge: 02-6212126

Running Tours in Jerusalem: Get to Know the City at Pace!

Clear mountain air and a history of thousands of years that encompasses empires, cultures and beliefs… hotel guests are invited to join RUNJLM running tours, which offer you a very special way to get to know Jerusalem.   Every tour is an opportunity to discover a new Jerusalemite world, to see more views in less time, and of course, to enjoy your daily workout while appreciating the sights!   The tours are free of charge for hotel guests. The route is 6 kilometers long. Meet in the hotel lobby   For a private tour, please contact the concierge For further details, contact the hotel concierge: 02-6212126

The Night Spectacular: The Story of Jerusalem against the backdrop of the Old City Walls

A multi-sensory Israeli experience telling the story of Jerusalem: a story of thousands of years, overflowing with events that shaped the city’s history.   And all in an innovative sound and light show, screened on the walls of the Tower of David.   We invite you to watch Jerusalem’s fascinating and unique stories come to life against the stunning backdrop of the Old City.   The Night Spectacular is screened in the universal language of sound and images, and is appropriate for everyone, irrespective of age, religion or nationality.   Tickets are free of charge for hotel guests during the months of March-April, and each room is entitled to two tickets.   To receive the tickets, contact the hotel concierge: 02-6212126  

Funland – Children's Games Area: The Israeli Story

Funland, our unique 400m² children’s play area, was custom-designed and inspired by the beauty of Jerusalem.   It offers children a fun and educational experience, through investigation, discovering games and pure enjoyment.   We host a special Israeli activity for children, which includes an origami workshop, story hour from the cream of Israeli children’s literature, an Israeli art workshop, and more!   For further details, contact the hotel concierge: 02-6212126  

Cuisine – the best locally-grown ingredients in a gourmet kitchen

Mediterranean Breakfast: Freshness, Quality, Precision   Every morning, our chefs at David Citadel create a boutique breakfast, fresh and rich in variety, from the best and the freshest local ingredients: handmade spreads and dips, exclusive cheeses, fresh juices, eggs of all types, nutritious, colorful chef salads using the finest, crispiest produce. Alongside all that, the hotel’s in-house quality bakery produces fresh and warm pastries, croissants, granola, and more.

Friday Night Dinner: One of the Best in Jerusalem!

Welcome to the buffet that has it all – variety, delicious tastes and the highest quality!   All dishes are created by hand, from the finest and freshest ingredients, and represent a sumptuous smorgasbord of the gamut of Israeli ethnic dishes – rich Israeli chef salads, stuffed vegetables, choice cut meats, boutique hallot and much more. And for dessert: a rare celebration of sweetstuffs from all over the country!   For reservations: 054-5414569   The meat is under the supervision of Rav Rubin and Rav Landa, Shmitta LeChumra, close supervision. Bishul Beit Yosef, and under the supervision of the hotel Rabbi, Rav Y. Lishner.  

Veranda – Fine Grill Restaurant

  Veranda, located on the hotel terrace, faces the breathtaking views of the Old City of Jerusalem.   Our stylish Chef restaurant serving a creative menu centered around grill, fire and coals. Veranda offers you a selection of quality meat cuts that undergo special processes of soaking, slow cooking, smoking and roasting, alongside an impressive variety of chef dishes. The highlight? Large, meat portions for the whole table, which adds to the perfect friends or family celebration.   The meat is under the supervision of Rav Rubin and Rav Landa, Shmitta LeChumra, close supervision Bishul Beit Yosef and under the supervision of the hotel Rabbi, Rav Y. Lishner.   For reservations: 02-6212396