• A Culinary Journey with Kfir Misnikov

Sabih-Style Eggplant Mille-feuilles

September 12, 2023

Your hospitality experience at the David Citadel Hotel is a fusion of tradition, luxury and elegant cuisine.
This combination is all the more significant during these days of Rosh Hashanah, when facing the stunning Old City Walls and enjoying the festive atmosphere of hope, renewal and growth.
In honor of the New Year, we are excited to present you with a celebratory booklet, containing Kiddush, blessings, and selected recipes from
The David Citadel’s Chef, Kfir Misnikov, so the hotel delicacies can melt in your mouth all year long!
Wishing you and your family a Shana Tova uMetuka, a sweet New Year!

1 Mini tortilla
1 Peeled, sliced and fried eggplant
Two hard-boiled eggs
1 Boiled potato
1 Peeled and roasted pepper
Lemon tahini
2 Tablespoons Amba
Half a cup of cilantro
1 Pickled lemon
1 Tomato

Peel the eggplant and slice it. Soak it in salt for two hours, then flour and fry in canola oil until golden. Toast the tortilla in an oven at 150 degrees until crispy, and cook the potato until it’s soft.

Dish assembly
Place the tortilla on a serving plate, put the fried eggplant, eggs, potato and roasted pepper on top, then put tortilla on top again, then the eggplant, eggs, potato and pepper, tahini on top, a touch of amba, preserved lemon and cilantro leaves, and squeeze the tomato over everything.

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